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John Savage writes regularly for eGlobal Travel Media & Grahame Cox writes regularly for travel itinerary and planning website Bindu Trips

Virgin’s Resilient Lady: Gala Cruise to Nowhere

When you receive an invitation from Richard Branson – one of the world’s most popular and successful entrepreneurs – to attend a gala launch for his newest ship you don’t need to think long before saying yes … more

Heritage Adventures in the Kimberley

Filling a cruise ship has become a competitive pastime, with many cruise companies taking advantage of the cruising explosion following Covid, offering bargain around-the-world cruising packages. Take the Kiwi-based Heritage Adventurer recently deployed on the Kimberly cruise from Darwin to Broome … more

Club Med 2’s Eco Voyages

By banning plastic and focussing on sustainability, the mighty yacht Club Med 2’s owners have embarked on a project to recycle the five master’s replaced sets of Dacron sails. The original sails have been repurposed into small clutch-size bags or into wrist purses and wallets to will be sold along with other products made from the sails in the ship’s onboard boutique … more

Another great article and I like the photographs.

Thank you so much for the article and your kind words, really appreciated.


Club Med 2: Luxury Plus Adventure

Sailing and water sports are a perfect match, and the world’s largest five-masted yacht, Club Med 2, likes to promote this exclusive facility while cruising in luxury. Anchoring in a quiet bay in the Caribbean Islands or the Mediterranean and opening the massive aft door mobilises a multitude of water activities, including water skiing, sailing, snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, … more

Magical Cruise Music: Agents Bonus for Club Med 2

Music can ignite emotion and awaken memories of places that stay with us forever. Likewise, with travel, humour, amazing sights and experiences, new friends and joyous occasions. Music can arouse memory; when your hair stands on end, and you feel goosebumps … more

The Deeds to the Anik Palace Hotel: The Ultimate Gift of Love

Declarations of love come in many and varied ways. Presents to loved ones can be measured from one dollar to millions. Millions and millions were the cost of a gift a wealthy and very modest Cambodian businessman bequeathed to his wife, the love of his life; a four-star hotel (going on five-star) named after her. Anik. Her nickname means humbleness and kindness in Khmer… more

Ease into Nice: Let Us Carry Your Bags, Sir

It’s not uncommon for relatives, friends and acquaintances of travel writers to offer to carry their bags when heading on an exotic assignment to a destination most can only dream of. While the offer is mostly in jest, I can see the early signs of envy in their eyes… more

Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge in KL Equal with the Best

The Golden Lounge, Malaysian Airlines’ fashionable lounge at Kuala Lumpur’s international airport in Terminal 1, is certainly an imposing establishment and a retreat for passengers awaiting flights or with a short or long stopover. The lounge was opened in March 2018 and, in peak times, averages 1500 people in each 24-hour period… more

Malaysia Airlines Flight Review  SYD–KUL

17th March 2023 – Seat 12 D Economy on MH0122, just rear of the two rows of premium economy. It is an aisle seat in a 2-4-2 configuration at the bulkhead with excellent legroom, and I was fortunate not to have anyone in the next seat, although the flight was nearly full… more

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Laksa

His enthusiasm was catching. Having witnessed many presentations, you get a feel for the true believers. Kevin Nila Nangai from the Sarawak Tourism Board was an active campaigner for his region. His passion triggered a trip to Malaysia’s largest region to witness the beautiful sights and experiences Kevin captured so well in his presentation … more

Thank you John!  For another of your amazing stories on Sarawak.


Balljid Kour
Marketing Executive


Sarawak – a One-Stop Tourist Hotspot

The Rainforest music festival is a June highlight. Kuching, the capital of the Sarawak region of Malaysia, is a one-stop window into the region’s versatile tourism highlights… more

India’s Ahmedabad – Historic Sights with Strict Rules

While it’s revered by some and scorned by others, Ahmedabad in the Gujarat area of India is a strictly no-meat and no-alcohol region.

Whilst most residents adhere closely to these rules, there is always someone happy to stretch the regulations to make a weary traveller happy… more

Ann Siang Hotel, Singapore, Review

The restoration of family mansions and conversion to hotels is a popular pastime for hoteliers and developers in many Asian regions, a continuation of the practice of restoration and repurposing of castles, palaces and even jails in Europe.

One outstanding property recently visited in Singapore entirely fits this category. The heritage Ann Siang House Hotel … more

Blockbuster Airline Safety Videos Capture the Imagination

Airlines have always vied for supremacy in the air but now there is a battle raging among the premier airlines to shoot the most entertaining and informative safety video. While promoting the airline they also promote the destination and often highlight a historic or nostalgic moment in the company’s history, sometimes injecting humour… more

A New Meaning for Business Class?

On a recent flight from New York to Delhi an elderly female passenger sitting in business class was urinated on by a drunken male passenger and he walked away without any punishment … more

Malaysia Airlines Joins Sarawak Tourism in Promotion

The Sarawak Tourism Board recently joined Malaysia Airlines for media and agent promotions in Sydney and Melbourne. Located on the island of Borneo, Sarawak is the largest state of Malaysia and is a paradise for laksa lovers … more

Oakwood Premier Melbourne Confirms its Luxury Status

The Oakwood Premier Melbourne reaffirms the company’s push to become recognised as a member of the world’s luxury hotel group. The launch of the Oakwood Premier Melbourne is another step towards the multinational’s recognition as a member of … more

Luxury Plus in ‘The House’ on Lizard Island

A chance encounter with an influential government employee paved the way for the Wilson family to build one of the most iconic resorts in Australia.  Steven Wilson, owner of ‘The House’ on Lizard Island, says the plans had been on the drawing board for more than three decades… more

Vietnam Preparing For Resurgence in Tourism and Trade

Vietnam is gearing up for a resurgence in international and local tourism as the borders reopen and tourists start looking for quality packages at favourable prices. It helps that Vietnam no longer requires PCR or RA tests to enter …more

Australia To Bid For Rugby World Cup 2027

A diverse group of Australian Rugby heavies have teamed up to launch a pitch to host the 2027 Rugby World Cup.

With the theme “Game On” the bid is led by former Wallaby Captain Phil Kearns, executive director of the Australian bid …more

Home Sweet Motor Home

When we picked up the nearly-new Mercedes Sprinter, Covid precluded staff from pointing out essential interior features, of which there are many. It was a matter of trial and error and there were a few of the latter which certainly highlighted my motorhome vehicle incompetence …more

Good Vibes As The Arabian Travel Market Wraps Up In Dubai

With record-breaking numbers and strong vibes for the future of travel and tourism the 29th staging of the Arabian Travel Market wrapped up at the World Trade Centre in Dubai overnight. Over 23,000 visitors … more

Emirates Flying High At Number One

There are many methods to establish the competitive credentials of international airlines. Regardless of all the assorted criteria, Emirates (EK) is the largest in the world in terms of scheduled international passenger-kilometres flown and  … more

Five-Year-Old Produces A New Type Of Cabin Fever

For 5-year-old Savannah Schembri-Fitzgerald it’s a dream come true; to wear the designer uniform of her country’s national airline, and also to help serve guests on a recent QF 101 fight from Sydney to Nadi …more

A Bangkok Hotel With a Different Focus

Bangkok is a party town. And many of the people visiting the Sukhumvit district have some serious liquid socialising in mind. One hotel, however, wants visitors to focus on their well being rather than visiting pubs and clubs … more

Well Hotel Bangkok – Focus on Wellness in Bangkok

The upscale lifestyle wellness 235-room and suites Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 is offering guests a $378 three-day, two-night ‘Being Well’ holiday season package for two …more

Manhattan’s Hotel Beacon – A Popular Pick For Australians

New York City is like a magnet to travelers from around the world and certainly Australians are punching well above their weight with the best visitor numbers ever this year according to Manhattan’s …more

Air Canada Opening Up North America For Australians

More flights recently added between Australia and Canada is part of an Air Canada strategy to broaden the carrier’s international network from Vancouver and the east coast of the United States …more

KEP This Resort On Top Of Your Travel List

When the Giant Ibis arrived at the Kep bus station, Tuk Tuk drivers descended before passengers could alight. Wearing their biggest smile, locking eyes and using best English, “Where you going”? …more

Thai Airways SYD – BKK Flight Review

Trolling through the song offering on TG476 – an ageing Jumbo from Sydney to Bangkok – and one of the songs written, recorded and made famous by an old schoolmate “Everything Old is New Again” convinces me the lyrics fit my flight circumstances perfectly … more

Food Buffs the Winners at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok

Bangkok’s Rembrandt Hotel has increased its reputation among food lovers with the recent appointment of Bertini Vittorio as executive chef and director of food and beverage … more

AIC Signs Lease for The Sanctuary Villa Battambang

Hospitality and hotel management group, Asia Initiative Corporation has signed a nine-year lease on the 12-room The Sanctuary Villa in historic Battambang … read more

Da Nang Sponsors Yacht in Clipper Round-the-World Race

The central Vietnamese coastal city of Da Nang is sponsoring a Clipper 70 yacht of the same name in the 2015-16 Clipper Round the World race… more

Funding Boost for Canadian Tourism Program

Canada’s new federal tourism minister has announced an additional $50m funding for the Canadian tourism industry … more

Quietly Achieving Vietnam Airlines

Founded in 1956 Vietnam Airline, with its hub in the capital Hanoi, has just announced a plan for a public float…. more

Ireland: A Great Tourism Destination

No visit to Dublin is complete without a visit to the Guinness Storeroom that includes a pint of the world’s most famous beer… more

On The Irrawaddy Aboard RV Pandaw

Pandaw pioneered river expeditions on the Irrawaddy more than twenty years ago and offers the widest choice of river and coastal cruises in Burma aboard stunning colonial-style vessels … more

AIC opens Siem Reap Boutique Hotel

AIC has recently opened the 15-room Seasons d’Angkor Villa boutique hotel in the centre of Siem Reap… more

Tresor d’Angkor Villa & Resort, Siem Reap

Asia Initiative Corporation (AIC) has recently signed a 5+5 lease on the nine-room Tresor d’Angkor Villa & Resort in Siem Reap… more

Java Wooden Villa in Siem Reap

Asia Initiative Corporation Plus (AICPlus) adds to its impressive collection of Cambodian hotels with the opening of the 10-room Java Wooden Villa … more

Tomatoes Watered by the Sea

Isn’t it remarkable that we recognise the fact that the world faces huge problems in terms of water, energy and food security – and yet we tend to tackle these as separate problems, as if they have no interconnection …more

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